Create Your Message  ★  Engage Your Audience  ★  Raise More Money  ★ Build and Track Pivotal Relationships  ★  Maximize Your Presence

SkylightONE refines your advocacy strategy and empowers you to action by inviting your data, eligibles, metrics, news, and information together to play on one seamless platform. Tell your story from an easy-to-use, highly customized website with built-in engagement tools. Measure your reach through an integrated back end advocacy control panel that will allow you to manage your PAC, review key metrics, grow support, engage your audience and track legislation. Merge the silos within your organization, and get your team up to speed and on the same page. Forget managing multiple technology tools and databases and outsourcing your custom web needs to digital agencies. SkylightONE puts your advocacy strategy into action from a single, highly customized solution curated just for you.



    • Responsive Website Design
    • Custom Developed CMS
    • User Managed Account Creation
    • Data Migration from Existing Site
    • Included Hosting & Maintenance
    • Included Security Updates
    • Unlimited Tech Support
    • Intranet Integration Available



    • Donor Map
    • Receipt Tracking
    • Compliant FEC Filing
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • View Key Data Graphically
    • Supported Candidates Map
    • Online Donation Forms



    • Influence Tracker
    • Customized Control Panel
    • General Staff Chat Feature
    • Staff Chat by Bill Feature
    • Color Coded Calendar
    • System Wide Email
    • Custom Report Generation
    • Task List & Notifications

  • GOTV


    • Voting Info Tool
    • Get to the Polls Tool
    • Voting Mobile App
    • Election Text Alerts
    • New Campaign Setup
    • Newsletters



    • Invitations
    • Presentations
    • Email Campaign Setup
    • Donation Portal setup
    • Unlimited Email Blasts
    • Mobile & Text Donations
    • Comprehensive Event Management



    • Info Graphics
    • Motion Graphics
    • Collateral Design
    • Hosting/Fly-In Materials
    • PAC Branding/Logo Design
    • Annual/Election Cycle Reports
    • Website Design/Development
    • Custom Design to Match Intranet

  • What is SkylightONE Simple Suite?
  • Why Choose Us?
  • What’s the Cost?
  • Is it Hard to Use?

SkylightONE Simple Suite is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution developed especially for public affairs professionals. By combining strategy with  modern digital tools like a customized, feature-packed website with content management, FEC compliant online filing, online contributions and member enrollment, events calendar, in-app email, chat and tasks, analytics, and more into a secure and mobile friendly solution, PAC administrators will save valuable hours each week managing their organization. Now you will have more time to grow your membership, grow your receipts, and engage your solicitable class!
A SkylightONE platform isn’t just about a nice website. Of course, we do offer the most important web features that a PAC needs, such as online user membership and donations, hosting, maintenance, security, backup, and free, unlimited tech support and more, but we also offer an entire platform from which you can run your PAC – and your day. Our software is intuitive and user friendly, and within it, you’ll find valuable tools offered by no one else.
We reject the one-size-fits-all approach. Each SkylightONE system is customized not just for each organization, but to each individual user within that organization. Since you can pick only the features and customizations you want, pricing is as individual to each user’s needs. With this lean approach to technology, our pricing ensures that you pay strictly for the tools you want and nothing else. We’d be happy to build a custom quote for you – call us at 877.722.7483 (Mon-Fri from 9:30am – 5:00pm ET), or send us an email.

Our goal is to save you time by making the software so intuitive, easy to use, and user friendly, that there is no need to watch hours of training videos or webinars. When you first sign up, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use.

SkylightONE is committed to data security as a key feature of our services. Whether residing on the server or in transit, all information is secured by AES (Advanced Encryption System) protocols using 128-bit encryption. This is one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption algorithms and  is considered to be logically unbreakable.  When logged in, data is transmitted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol. All access to the SkylightONE interface is secured over SSL (HTTPS), ensuring the information is encrypted. Additionally, we provide both SSH and HTTPS connections to the repositories, ensuring the code and data transferred is encrypted.

Your website, the information it contains and the data transferred to and from it, will all reside on a secure network.  All access to the networks are logged, and these logs are routinely monitored for activity. Stringent policies implemented to maintain this high level of security, include Active Directory database authentication, remote access tools that must support the SkylightONE application layer gateway rather than direct connections through the perimeter firewall(s), and must support strong, end-to-end encryption of the remote access communication channels.


Your sensitive information is safe with us. Data is backed up in four secure locations, including a physical remote backup server, plus in Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier cloud accounts. SkylightONE contains redundancy in as many areas as possible to avoid and recover from failure. This includes a load balanced and clustered environment with automatic recovery on physical hardware failures. Our data center, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, includes redundancy across all aspects of potential failure including network transit, routing, and power.

Data migration and integration is included in your setup cost, and you will be briefed on all aspects of the process. This is a sensitive process which can often be overlooked as an organization transfers from one system to the next, but a successful migration and implementation plan is crucial to a seamless transition from legacy systems to newer, more stable applications.  The SkylightONE team will evaluate your current system and advise of the best approach.

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